The Society (SMCAF) was formed in 1946 to:

- preserve and encourage the beneficial association of authorities in various fields of medical endeavor:

- assist in development and maintenance of highest standards of medical practice in the Armed Forces;

- preserve and disseminate the experience and knowledge of military medicine gained in both armed conflict and peacetime practice and research;

-foster an awareness of the obligation of civilian physicians to participate in the continued development of the Medical Services of the Armed Forces;

- constitute an organized group which will respond promptly and effectively to the call of the Surgeons General for advice and assistance on problems of professional importance in the Armed Forces.

Mission Complete . . . SMCAF to "sunset".  Having completed our mission as Consultants, SMCAF, in a member telephone conference on 27 December 2013, voted to disestablish.  We will celebrate our success in a formal affair on 11 October 2014 at the Army Navy Club in Washington, DC - the birthplace of SMCAF in 1946.    Click here for more information why SMCAF has decided on this course of action.

Ticket for SMCAF's last celebratory function may be obtained by clicking here, a web site created in cooperation with the Henry Jackson Foundation.

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