SMCAF Newsletter
September 2006


Michael J. Scotti, Jr., M.D.
2540 N. Randolph Street
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The Society of Medical Consultants
to the Armed Forces
requests the pleasure of your company at the Sixty First Annual Meeting Banquet
on Saturday the Twenty First of October
Two Thousand and Six,
at seven thirty o'clock in the evening.
Building B of the Uniformed Services
University of the Health Sciences.

Social hour begins at six forty five
in the Lobby of Building B.

Mess Dress or Black Tie
$60.00 Per Person


SMCAF Newsletter
September 2006

From the President

   Costs of medical care continue to grow in the Department of Defense as they do throughout the Federal Government and the private sector. While most beneficiaries of the Military Health Care System (MHCS) are sheltered from significant cost share, the bills must ultimately be paid. With increased planned and unplanned privatization, contracting within military treatment facilities, TRICARE for Life and a decreased capacity resulting from base closures and health care provider deployments, a large sum of money that once went to pay career active duty health care personnel and DOD civilians in the MHCS and a vibrant educational system including GME is no longer available.

Leaders within the medical departments work very hard to integrate all this so that the patient receives the needed care with the least possible expense in time and money. The taxpayers do not save much money, if indeed the cost is not higher than it was when the direct health care system was far more robust. There are lots of studies and they all have differences and deficiencies. The results always depend on how long those remaining in the system live and collect retirement benefits.

With overall personnel caps on active duty members and DOD civilians, our senior military leadership make allocation of personnel decisions based on current and projected missions. More special forces units, fewer active duty health care providers, ultimately leading to more use of contractors and the civilian health care system. Active duty physicians and nurses working next to contract physicians and nurses are not unaware that their colleagues make much more money and have fewer additional missions and no deployments. Patriotism is not inexhaustible.

The beliefs of the current administration and its political appointees preclude a significant near term reversal of the shift of assets from personnel in the direct health care system to outsourcing. Administrations do change and the military health care system has been rebuilt several times in our nations history. SMCAF will be there once again. We need to assist in providing the judgment that will make this possible.

Michael J. Scotti, Jr., M.D.
Major General, USA (Ret)
President, SMCAF


2005-2006 Council
President: Michael J. Scotti, Jr., M.D.
Vice President: Harold M. Koenig, M.D.
Secretary Treasurer: A. Mason Ahearn, M.D.
Michael S. Clarke, M.D.
Michael J. Scotti, Jr., M.D.
Larry W. Laughlin, M.D.
Fred A. Cecere, M.D.
Enrique Mendez, Jr., M.D. : Honorary Councilor
James A. Zimble, M.D.: Honorary Councilor
AMA Representative
Howard E. Fauver, M.D.
David M. Lichtman, M. D.
Committee Chairmen
John R. Pierce, M.D. Archives & Medical History
A. Herbert Alexander, M.D. Electronic Media & Communications
Edmund G. Howe, M.D. Ethical Issues in Military Medicine
Peter F. Hoffman, M.D. Legislative & Legal
Joel C. Labow, M.D. Medical Education
Kenneth G. Swan, M.D. Membership
George K. Anderson, M.D. Professional Services
A. Mason Ahearn, M.D. Recruitment & Retention

SMCAF 61st Annual Meeting 2006
Draft Agenda: Subject to Change


Friday, October 20, 2006

0700 Breakfast served: Board of Regents Room, USUHS

0800 Meeting of the SMCAF Council
        Board of Regents Room, USUHS

1000 Break

1015 SMCAF Business Meeting

Saturday, October 21, 2006

0730 Bus picks up at Hyatt
        Registration Open, Building B Lobby, USU
        Continental Breakfast

0800 Welcome, including distribution of Membership Certificates
        Michael J. Scotti. Jr., President, SMCAF

0805 USUHS Welcome
        Charles L. Rice, MD, President, USU

0810 Opening Remarks
        LTG Kevin C. Kiley, Army Surgeon General

0815 Keynote Address: The History of Military Medicine’s Contributions in Combating
        Infectious Disease
        MG Eric B. Schoomaker, USA, CDR US Army Medical Research and Material
        COL Steve Craig, USA MC Consultant for Medical History

0915 Break

0930 Symposium:Vaccine Development

1100 Lunch / Committee Meetings
        Pick-up box lunch and report to committee rooms

1300 Symposium
        Influenza: Past, Present and Future

1415 Break

1430 Symposium:
        Emerging Diseases

1600 Buses depart to Hotel

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Banquet, USUHS
Mess Dress or Black Tie

1830 Bus picks up at Hyatt

1845 Social (cash bar)

1930 Banquet- USU
        Honor Guard – Posting of the Colors
        Introduction: Dr. Michael J. Scotti

2015 Guest speaker – Dr. Mason Ahearn
        Presentation of the John R. Seal Award
        Concluding Remarks- LTG Kiley

2200/2230 Bus departs to Hyatt

Sunday, October 22, 2006

0745 Bus departs hotel / Continental Breakfast

0800 Welcome and Administrative comments
        Michael J. Scotti, Jr., M.D., President, SMCAF

0805 Aeromedical Evacuation
        MG Patrick H. Brady, USA (Ret)
        Medal of Honor Recipient

0850 Future Trends in Graduate Medical Education
        Robert A. DeLorenzo, LTC, USA

0950 Break

1015 Integration of Professional Staffing National Capitol Region
        COL Mary Catherine Nace, MC, USA

1100 Closing Remarks: Michael J. Scotti, Jr., M.D., President, SMCAF

1105 SMCAF Business Meeting

1200 Bus Departs to Hotel
        Lunch/Council Meeting at USUHS cafeteria, small dining room

1300 Buses depart to hotel

Committee Meetings

At the annual meeting committees will meet on Saturday afternoon during lunch. Box lunches will be provided for members to enjoy as they participate in committee meetings. You are encouraged to take up issues in your committee about which the council can discuss, inquire, vote, resolve, study, engage in correspondence with the OSD, other government agencies, and the Surgeons General. Committee room assignments will be available at the registration desk on Saturday morning.

The Current Committee Chairs are:

Archive and Medical History: John R. Pierce, M.D.
Electronic Media and Communications: A. Herbert Alexander, M.D.
Ethical Issues in Military Medicine: Edmund G. Howe, M.D.
Legislative and Legal: Peter F. Hoffman, M.D.
Medical Education: Joel C. Labow, M.D.
Membership: Kenneth G. Swan, M.D.
Professional Services: George K. Anderson, M.D.
Recruitment and Retention: A. Mason Ahearn, M.D.



The Purpose of the continuing education program at the 61st annual meeting of the Society of Medical Consultants to the Armed Forces is to provide continuing education specific to military medicine, uniformed physicians and medical consultants to the armed forces; and provide the opportunity to network for the purpose of advancement of military medicine.


The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences is accredited by the Accreditation Council of Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide education for physicians.


On 10 June 2006, the Society hosted its second AMA reception. About thirty former, current, or future military physicians were in attendance. The meeting was chaired by the President of the Society, Dr. Michael Scotti, MG, USA (Ret).

Informational reports were presented on the current status of Base Realignment and Closure initiatives. Plans are proceeding to create a new Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on the Bethesda Campus as well as a new facility on the south campus at Ft. Belvoir. Necessary funds have reportedly been identified even though the total will require resources beyond that provided in the BRAC legislation.

The Service representatives reported on current problems with recruiting with both the Air Force and the Army being several hundred physicians below authorized strength. Additional bonuses have been authorized for HPSP students and residents in the Financial Assistance Program. Active duty members may also enter a medical school with no loss of rank under a pilot study. It was noted that recruiting for osteopathic students is especially successful with 40% of Army HPSP students being in DO schools. Brig Gen Young, USAF, MC spoke to recruiting initiatives in the Air Force and noted a plan to increase the number of USUHS AF students to 70. Additionally, ROTC detachments and pre-med advisers are viewed as particularly important targets for recruiting efforts. Dr. George Anderson, USAF, Maj Gen (Ret) spoke to the creation of a mentor network under the sponsorship of The Association of Military Surgeons of the United States.

A major agenda item for the House of Delegates Meeting was a report by the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs dealing with the role of physicians in prisoner interrogations. Testimony was given by Lt Gen Peach Taylor, USAF, MC, Surgeon General of the Air Force and by COL Cam Ritchie, MC, USA, the Army Surgeon General’s Consultant in Psychiatry. Dr. Jack Smith, MC, USN (Ret), representing the ASD (HA), noted that the report, after some judicious editing, was consistent with a Department of Defense Instruction

REPORT from Recruitment & Retention Committee

We plan a busy meeting at lunch on Saturday Oct 21.  Our guest will be COL  Bernard DeKoning, MC, USA, LTG Kiley's Point Man on the Army's MC Participation in HPSP Recruiting Project.  Ben is a new SMCAF Member, and he will be showing the Army's new MC Recruiting DVD. 



Through the kindness of Dr. Hoffman’s son, a previous White House Intern, we have been offered five (5) slots for a tour of the White House West Wing (not the house itself) on Saturday October 21. I’ll have to limit the visitors to the first five folks that answer this item by e-mail: .
Just answer me first. I’ll e-mail back a confirmation to the lucky five. Then I’ll need from them: full name as appears on picture ID card, date-of-birth, social security number. This, of course, is for White House security and must be received well in advance.
We’re seeing if lunch at the White House Mess might be possible. And, maybe, we can make this more than just a one time shot…!



Dues Notice
Active Members
If you received a dues notice included in your newsletter, you are, according to SMCAF records an “Active Member”. Active members are physicians who served on active duty in one of the branches of the Uniformed Services of the United States and who have served as Medical Consultants to a component of the Uniformed Services. Physicians in the reserve      components who are consultants are also qualified for Active Membership.                                      

All active members are required to pay dues in the amount of $100 on a yearly basis.

If you have any questions in regard to your membership status, contact the Executive Director at

Annual Meeting Registration and Hotel Reservations

Registration for the annual meeting may be made by mail or on the SMCAF web site prior to the   meeting. Please use the registration form included in this newsletter or you may download one from the website at  On site registration will be available for those who were unable to pre-register.                                                               Meal choice for the banquet can not be guaranteed if you  register on site so if you plan to attend the banquet it is highly recommended that you pre-register.

The Society has reserved a block of room at the Hyatt Regency Bethesda, located at One Bethesda Metro  Center,

Bethesda Maryland



Hyatt Regency Bethesda
One Bethesda Metro Center (7400 Wisconsin Ave),
Bethesda,  Maryland

Tel: 301 657 1234    800-233-1234  Fax: 301 657 6453



Come Join your friends and comrades at the 61st annual SMCAF Meeting. This year’s program is being hosted by the U.S. Army, and it’s an outstanding one, centered on topics of currently high interest and concern.




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